Orchid flowers

The orchids are divided into thousands of species but the most popular ones are the Dendrobium, the Cambrie and the Phalaenopsis or butterfly orchids. Being tropical flowers they need moisture and light and should be placed in strategic areas of the home. Generally it is good to place them in vases on window sills, where the light arrives but preferably shielded from curtains. Changes in temperature are not suitable for orchids and it is advisable to place them on raised floors of the room where hot air is present: the ideal temperature for these flowers is in fact between 15 and 18 degrees. In the summer period waterings are advisable once a week while in winter every two are sufficient. Their soil should not be completely dry but not too wet. The best technique to wet the orchids is to soak the plant and its pot in a basin full of water and leave it to soak until the soil is moist to the touch. Then it is better to drain before putting the orchid in its pot holder. To counter the heating of the apartments it is useful to vaporize the leaves and flowers with a nebulizer.FERTILIZATION AND PRUNING

For what concerns the fertilization it is good to use specific granular fertilizer. Every 25 days, the fertilizer is dissolved in the water used to wet the orchid. In any case it is necessary not to exceed with the fertilizer to avoid the desiccation of the roots of this plant. For what concerns pruning, the most suitable species for this operation are the indoor orchids: the Dendrobium and the Phalaenopsis. The first, originating from New Zealand, wither the impoductive stem and bloom on the new one and in this case it is sufficient to remove the withered flowers. And for the Phalaenopsis the procedure is the same: just remove the dried flowers. The procedure for Cambria is different. However, they no longer bloom again on the same stem and it is advisable to remove the old and now unproductive one with a cut at the base.

Orchid flowers: SYMBOLS

The orchid is a flower of rare beauty and a heady and seductive scent, unique for its elegance in all its wide range of varieties. In China and in the East in general, the orchid represents culture, refinement but also innocence and purity; in the western world it is customary to give it as a gift to an important person in one's life, representing a strong and lasting feeling. It is a symbol of love due to its ability to grow everywhere and flourish in different conditions, except of course in colder climates. Also this flower, like many others, has different meanings depending on the color. If pink indicates love and affection and is used to give it as a present for the 14th year of marriage. The Cymbidium orchid instead, in pastel yellow or cream colors is donated for the 28th anniversary anniversary. Cattleya, elegant and fragrant, is a symbol of long-lasting charm and is given for Mother's Day. According to Christian theology, the blood of Christ is represented by the spots on the flowers and this is the reason why the orchids are used to decorate the altar in church, at Christmas and Easter. And then there are the rare and mysterious black orchids, known in legends and witchcraft, suitable as a gift to a man for success at work. Nowadays orchids are used on various occasions: at weddings and important parties, for congratulations and thanks.