Anti-cellulite tablets


Cellulite, an alteration of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, concerns mainly women, with a percentage of 95% compared to the 5% male. It is an imperfection caused by a high number of components united by an alteration of the microcirculation. words, inside the body, there is water retention of excess fluids, which should be removed instead.
The appearance of cellulite can have hereditary causes, but obviously this appearance also presupposes an inadequate and unhealthy lifestyle, especially with regard to nutrition.


There are many remedies against cellulite: healthy and balanced nutrition, sports, rest for at least 8 hours a day. There are also natural remedies that include the use of draining and diuretic herbal teas, ointments and plant-based creams, but also the assumption of anti-cellulite tablets able to act at the circulatory level. This last practical and simple solution, is indicated for those who never find time for the care of their body and therefore are not constant with massages, creams and physical activity.


The composition of anti-cellulite tablets it can be quite diversified, with the presence of many medicinal herbs including green tea, birch, blueberry extract, ginkgo biloba, fucus, pineapple and sea oak.
According to several studies, these tablets would reduce the subcutaneous thickness by 30%, increase the microcirculation by 45%, decrease the thigh circumference by 5% if taken regularly for 2 months.
These results can only be obtained in the case of cellulite that is still in the early stages.


Many pharmaceutical companies offer their anti-cellulite tablets, considering them the best.
Among the most popular brands of tablets we certainly find Cellulase, Cellastin and Erbamea.
The latter offers with its anti-cellulite tablets a pool of ingredients rich in active ingredients. Among these stand out green tea and grape seeds with antioxidant action, dry pineapple and centella extracts with skin toning action, blackcurrant birch and essential oil lemon that promote purification.
Cellulase Gold instead leads to the first noticeable results after the first 7 weeks thanks to its effective ingredients: grape seeds, fish oil, borage oil, citrus sinensis essential oil, fucus vesiculosus, ginkgo biloba, centella asiatica, melilotus officinalise ruscus aculeatus .
All these extracts have always been used as purifying, diuretic and draining substances, leading to significant effects on the liver and kidneys.
Fish oil is rich in good fats, Omega-3s that help cleanse the blood of toxins;
the borage oil rich in Omega6 regulates the hormonal function, acting on the adrenal glands, to keep the skin and nails healthy;
the citrus sinensis oil gives the product a tasty and pleasant fragrance.


The use of cellulite tablets in pregnancy and lactation situations and in subjects with thyroid problems, due to the presence of iodine, and to those taking anticoagulants due to the presence of ginkgo is not recommended. There are therefore no significant contraindications to use of such anti-cellulite tablets.

Anti-cellulite tablets: ANTI-CELLULITE TABLET PRICES

The cost of these products is around 30-40Ђ if purchased in pharmacies or in herbal medicine, while on some websites it is possible to buy these anti-cellulite tablets at discounted prices and maybe you can run into offers for multiple purchases.
Browsing online it is possible to find very convenient and absolutely correct and safe websites such as Saninforma and Farmajet.
The convenience of buying online is to always find every type of product available and receive it comfortably at home, thus avoiding going to different pharmacies and herbalists in the hope of finding the products we are looking for.
So to conclude we must say that these anti-cellulite tablets are a supplement, and therefore to combat cellulite you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, limiting smoking and alcohol, drinking plenty of water low in sodium, preferring a diet made of vegetables and fresh fruit such as blueberries, cherries, oranges, blackberries rich in vitamin A, C and E, limiting stress, introducing a weekly physical exercise, not necessarily attending a gym, in order to strengthen the circulation, improve muscle tone and increase lean mass .
Last, and not least the rest, it is to put all its strength of will, identifying in the elimination of cellulite a real objective to overcome and not an annoying sacrifice.