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Dracena marginata

Question: dracena marginata I was given a dracena marginata. Since I don't have the space to keep it indoors, I could place it on the balcony in a shady and poorly ventilated position. Keep in mind that I live in Puglia, in a town 400m above sea level, so summer is not too hot and winter is not very cold.
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Selling artificial flowers

Sale of artificial flowers Artificial flowers, a rediscovery of low-cost and long-lasting furnishings. Through this guide you will discover the advantageous side of the article. Often you want to give a touch of originality to the environment of your home, but also to all those places that need to be brightened up with notes of welcoming hospitality and good taste.
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The Chervil

Chervil Chervil is an annual aromatic herb whose scientific name is Anthriscus Cerefolium and is part of the "umbrellifere" family. Originally from Russia and the Middle East, it arrived in Europe thanks to the ancient Romans. It is now naturalized in the Mediterranean areas to the point that in the woods it grows spontaneously and it is precisely the wild varieties that are the most valuable from the aromatic point of view.
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Geraniums transplantation

Question: Can I replant a grubbed geranium? Hi, from the house of the sea I have removed giant geraniums for cleaning. Now I would like to replant them in another garden. I can do it? If so how?… They are flowering shrubs with a little lignified trunk of about 60cm. Thanks Timer Kit 20 Practical Claber Price
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Garden furniture

Grilles for terraces

Grilles for terraces The gratings are panels made up of wooden strips fixed together to form a grid to allow climbing plants to develop in a controlled way and functional to the aesthetic and comfort requirements of outdoor environments. They can be used both in gardens and parks, and in balconies and terraces.
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Is it possible to freeze zucchini for the winter at home: the best recipes with herbs and eggplant

Freezing zucchini for the winter is easy. In two hours, the hostess, even without the help of someone from the household, can easily cope with all the preparation procedures for freezing zucchini for the whole winter. The main thing is to have good quality vegetables on hand and a free freezer. The article tells about the preparations, the process of freezing zucchini for the winter. at home and about other actions and nuances that you will have to face.
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